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This is my third post in the Song Challenge. I hope you guys are enjoying this challenge as much as I am. Thanks again The Bag Lady for the nomination.

The Rules:

  • Post a different song quote for 5 consecutive days.
  • Post what the song quote means to you (optional).
  • Post the song from which the quote is from.
  • Nominate 2 different bloggers every day of the challenge.

My Third Song:

Jeremy‘ by Pearl Jam

Album: Ten

Year: 1991

Clearly I remember
Picking on the boy
Seemed a harmless little fuck
But we unleashed a lion
Gnashed his teeth
And bit the recess lady’s breast

How could I forget
And he hit me with a surprise left
My jaw left hurting
Dropped wide open
Just like the day
Oh, like the day I heard

Please click/read all the links in this post. The story of Jeremy is so tragic and heart-wrenching, considering all the similar incidents that have occurred in America since.

This song was inspired by among other things, the suicide of Jeremy Wade Delle. On the morning of January 8, 1991, Jeremy shot himself in front of his classmates and teacher. This song is especially dear to my heart because one of my high-school mates also committed suicide and, in 2011, someone else I knew took their own life.

The ‘Jeremy’ song quote above is about bullying and the effects it has on the victim (s). Some victims of bullying are able to brush it off and live normal lives, while others are damaged and transformed by it.

Song Lyrics

Song Video

2 comments on “Song Challenge: Day 3 – Jeremy

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    So sorry for the loss of your schoolmate and your friend. It is tragic that bullying is still happening. The story of Jeremy…so sad that he felt he had to kill himself. … On a lighter note, I’m glad Pearl Jam did this song to bring attention to this. … I did get the chance to see Pearl Jam in concert some years ago here in our town. They gave an excellent performance.


    1. Thank you. Suicide is never the answer.

      Liked by 1 person

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