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The Absurdity of Sports Fan Loyalty

The writer might be what we call a ‘bandwagonist’, but he makes some interesting points.

Sifting Reality

If there is one thing Americans are good at, it’s being loyal to their favorite sports teams.  Fanatical, absurd loyalty.  I can appreciate that, I have my favorite teams, and have had them for a while now.  I am a fan of the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Buffalo Bills, Texas Longhorns, and Texas Rangers.  However, my loyalty is waning.

fansI have decided to put the Bills on a two year probation while I search for a new team to support with my fandom.  If they do not make the playoffs this year or next, I will abandon them.  The Longhorns on the other hand I have already let them go.  Unfortunately my wife found a Longhorns t-shirt for my youngest daughter to wear as a night-shirt.  She loves to put it on and come show me that she’s wearing my favorite team.  I must now live a life of lies…

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8 comments on “The Absurdity of Sports Fan Loyalty

  1. John Barron says:

    Bandwagonist?? What? I had been a Bills fan since I was 12, I’m now 34, and a longhorns fan since I was 18. I challenge you to a duel!

    The point of the post was how people can make a lifelong commitment to something as trivial as a sports team, but not their spouses, or best friends. I was noting that because sports teams let us down and frustrate us, we remain loyal, yet when a significant other does the same, we throw in the towel rather easily.



    1. Renegade says:

      I guess bandwagonist was too harsh. I understand the points you were making though.


      1. John Barron says:

        Ok, on a different note, why is being a bandwagonist looked down upon with such disdain?


      2. Renegade says:

        Because being a true fan takes so much time & effort. It’s hard to have any respect for a bandwagonist.


      3. John Barron says:

        Shouldnt that also apply to personal relationships like marriages?


      4. Renegade says:

        Yes it should! Like I said earlier, I understand the points you were trying to make.


      5. John Barron says:

        I mean, people jump on bandwagons with things like cellphones and clothing styles, why not sports teams? Why must we remain loyal yo one?


      6. Renegade says:

        There is a different dynamic with sports teams. Being a sports fan is a lot more intimate & interactive. There is normally a conversation surrounding the team you sport. Bandwagonist fans also want to be part of that conversation. That’s when it is a problem. They should not be seen or heard.


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