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Peter Tosh Gets a Museum


I have to admit that when I saw the news about the Peter Tosh museum I was surprised. I was similarly surprised in 2012 when Peter Tosh was awarded the Order of Merit; Jamaica’s fourth highest national honour. I am always surprised when anything positive comes out of Jamaica about Peter Tosh. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve it, but the man who co-founded The Wailers has been underrated and under-appreciated in Jamaica for so long. Forward to 2016 and The Stepping Razor is getting a museum dedicated to his life and work. I then learned that the project is a private endeavor of which the Jamaican government is not involved (Not that their involvement is needed to validate the project).

Peter Tosh Museum, Peter Tosh Daughter, Kingsley Cooper, Niambe McIntosh,
The museum is a collaborative effort between Tosh’s estate (represented by his daughter Niambe McIntosh) and Pulse Investments (represented by Kingsley Cooper). The museum will be located at the Pulse Center on Trafalgar Road and will be opened this summer.

Niambe McIntosh is the youngest of Peter Tosh’s ten children and is also the administrator of the Peter Tosh estate.”This is an important turning point in the preservation of my father’s legacy, and the museum will allow my father’s message of equal rights and justice to be heard by generations, both young and old,” said Niambe McIntosh.

Kingsley Cooper is the owner of Pulse Investments and was also the promoter of the last concert Peter Tosh performed before his death in 1983.”The great Rastafarian campaigner for equal rights and justice, for the abolition of apartheid and for the legalization of marijuana, who did not get his due in life, will now get his due after death,” Cooper said.

Peter Tosh fans and reggae lovers will be able to see firsthand, memorabilia and artifacts for the Grammy winning reggae star including his famous M-16 guitar and his unicycle. I am personally looking forward to the opening of the museum and hope that this will prompt the government to set up a museum dedicated to reggae music.

Peter Tosh Museum, Peter Tosh Daughter, Kingsley Cooper, Niambe McIntosh, Peter Tosh M16 Guitar, Peter Tosh Unicycle

3 comments on “Peter Tosh Gets a Museum

  1. stannyha says:

    Praise Jah! Unlike you, I don’t want the Jamaican Government to be involved in this or any project relating to Ras Tafari and/ or reggae music. Everything the government touches relating to Rasta or reggae turns to shit… consistently… over the last 50 odd years of “independence”. See the Pinnacle issue of a few years ago for reference. Kingsley Cooper is a businessman and with this being a collaborative effort with his daughter, I feel more comfortable that the museum will be successful. The type of person Tosh was – he would not want the government to have a hand in this venture either.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. daleyartflow says:

    I really like this post! I agree, that sometimes it can be surprising when something good comes out of Jamaica. It always seems to be negative views portrayed, but there is good!

    Liked by 1 person

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